Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just visited the new Jil Sander New York flagship store right across from Opening Ceremony yesterday.I really liked the revolving floor to ceiling mirrors and all the white marble.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sound boy

Mikey Dread

Tenor Saw

And another one

Interview is becoming my favorite american publication now that they've revamped the look of it.Bravo Fabien and Glenn!


Delia Derbyshire

Malcolm McLaren

These a stills from a series of 21 films called Shallow that he did which features sections from 1960's softcore porn.Instead of highlighting the obvious he took the scenes pre sexual encounter slowing and chopping them up.It premiered at Art Basel Switzerland earlier this year so I hope it makes its way over to the states sometime soon.


Nam June Paik

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Cant wait to see this on the 26th at the IFC center.I missed it the first time when it premiered at The Kitchen a few months back because it was only being shown twice on the same day and both were sold out.

Buffalo style

Im very excited right now because I just purchased this book today on amazon for a whopping $1.99 which features the incredible work of pioneer fashion stylist Ray Petri.He is a true inspiration.


A friend of mine just put me onto this film maker Phil Solomon's work and I fell in love with it.He seems to chemically manipulate the film to where it almost looks like its going to dissolve into mush in some sections but it somehow retains shapes and images on it.Whatever it is he does its fantastic and would recommend checking out his website. My favorites are "The Snowman" and "Remains to be Seen" www.philsolomon.com